I was wrong

I was wrong

I had never expected this from you
You who always told me ‘bout the truth
But I was wrong, so wrong ‘bout you

Friends told me, to stay away from you
said you had a history, now I know you do
and I was wrong, so wrong, ‘cause I trusted you
They were right, and you did prove it too

Even though I doubt it, now you may get
some short kind of financial success
But your cheatin’morality is a broken down mess.

You oughta know by now that everyone can see
what a dirty’ liar, you became to be
So you are wrong, we all see through you now.
And I was wrong, so wrong ‘bout you

You said you were so thankful,
cause I had helped you so
At the same time you made a plan,
to take what you needed
and then to go (and you did)

I spend 2 years workin’ with a lie
You had a chance but you didn’t even try
You had a hidden agenda,
earning money by usin’ mine
I’ll admit it now I was deaf and blind
and I was wrong, so wrong,
I was wrong, so wrong trustin’ you
but you are wrong, wrong too

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