Class of 64

Class of 64

10 years since the last time
We all met
Where are these years now hidin’
What did we forget?
I recognize their faces
And the way they were
People never really changes
Their personality is still the same

How are you,
How have things been
Oh, that’s great, sorry to hear
I know it’s no other to blame
But you’re still lookin’ the same
Hey, good to see you
And we must meet again

In the midnight hour
People really open up
Some are dancing
And they don’t seem to wanna stop

Now the party slowin’ down
The time really went fast
But this class party
Guaranteed won’t be the last
But that was no surprise
This evening ended up so nice
Only 5 years till the next one
London, here we come

Three o’clock in the morning
And the last drop is swallowed down
So much have been spoken
And the room is startin’ swingin’ round
Time to go home…
Class of 64

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